Friday, May 6, 2011

A month

I am having a month. Is that an expression? It’s like, oh, I am having a day, one of those days. Except for it’s a month.

Here’s a good example: this morning I walked outside, and my car was gone. Just not there, at all. And then I realized, after many moments of reflection, that I had almost certainly parked directly in front of someone else's driveway. Smack in the middle, blocking any hope of them leaving this morning, unless their car was actually a plane.

I would have towed my car too.

And that's what I feel like these days; to be honest I wasn’t even surprised that I had done that. I’m having a month, my brain is having difficulty perceiving driveways, and I’m going around parking right in front of them, without even asking.

The details of the month are better left glazed over, like most root vegetables, and in fact, I would like to pretend - at least here, in this little space - that I went on a lovely little vacation. These days I’ve been enamored with the idea of Northern California, so let’s settle on that, shall we?

I had a splendid time, beautiful weather, many, many hikes and too many avocados to count. But now I’m back, and am faced with not only the reality of my month (as we shall refer to it), but also the reality that there are many things we still have not covered on this little site. Beets, for instance. How have we not gone over beets? They are a lovely root, beets, and I (surprise surprise) have a lot to say about them and their beety ways.

As soon as I retrieve my car from the impound lot, I will have my camera, and will make photographing beets my first order of business. I already have the beets. Soon, you will too.