Friday, August 14, 2009

A machine

It came! As these shipping things tend to go, it came a day later than I'd hoped, but in the end, I was patient enough.

I am now the proud new owner of a Canon Rebel Xs. It arrived yesterday afternoon right before work, so I charged up the battery while I was there, and came home to experiment. This morning, I bought some figs (mainly because they're pretty and I thought they'd make a good subject) and whipped up a salad with a goat cheese dressing. It wasn't that great -- turns out I'm not as big of a fig person as I had thought -- but that's not the point. Right now, the pictures are the point. This thing is a machine, I'll tell you, and it knows its stuff.

I'll come with a recipe soon, but for now, you just get pictures. Thanks for bearing with me and my camera experimentation. Below are two pictures of the fig salad; I threw in a picture of my porch and Pete's hand, just for good measure.

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Lauri said...

I have a great fig tart recipe with a rosemary cornmeal crust that made a fig hater into a fig lover!! You might change your mind after tasting it. Also, it is very photogenic!!