Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baking haters

Hi again, so soon.

I'm just doing some last pleasure reading before the crunch of the week sets in again, and while I was perusing some other food blogs I like, I came across this.

I think I might need to try this to see if it really stands up to her claim. After all, I am one of those baking haters, remember?

Anyway, if any one of you tries it before I do, be sure to let me know if it's as easy as she says. I, naturally, am skeptical. Plums are probably out by now, but apples? I'm off to bed (I have a guilty pleasure of 10:30 bedtimes), but I will be back soon, with stories of pasta I hope.


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Lauri said...

The "hating to bake" thing HAS to be genetic! I guess that means that I won't be the one to try this recipe before you!! I found a wonderful pear tree on a vacant lot with humongous fruit that I am dying to find an interesting recipe for. By the way,the reason that I may be the only follower that leaves comments is because when you hiy "post comment" it tells you that it did not go through and to try again later. Well, "later" can be all of one second and so when you hit the post comment for a second time it will have you type out a funky word and then when you hit the post button it goes through!! This has happened to me ever since you started you fun blog!! Wish you could adjust something so people do not get turned away by the first rejection!