Saturday, June 12, 2010

The best kind of people

I have decided that cheese farmers are the best kind of people that exist.

They are the hospitable, warm, grandmothers of society; apron-clad, hands slightly dusted with flour, explaining that their house is your house and insisting that no normal person refuses another wedge of camembert. They are peaceful. They are cheese-loving. They are some kind of ambitious marker for good will and humanity. Is that too far?

Really, though. If all of you are still buying your cheese from the grocery store and not driving to farms and inviting yourself into cheese houses, you are sorely missing out.

My latest victim was Beltane farm, a mostly goat cheese maker out in Lebanon, Connecticut. To be fair to myself, this was an open house, though I did linger probably a bit too long around the samples table.

The weather was perfect. There were copious amounts of cheese, and a bakery just down the road. There were baby goats. And, as if props to some kind of flawlessly tranquil farm-life scene, there were even kids playing on a rope swing near a pond.

I feel a bit bad about enticing you to this farm, since the last of Beltane’s spring tastings have lapsed. You can still get their cheese though; they do sell at a number of local farmer’s markets. Or, if you’re anything like me, you might just show up anyway.

Note: By this point you may be growing tired of my reportage on cheese farms. I make no apologies, because, well, it’s cheese, but I will say that next time I’ll try to tell you about something mostly unrelated to cheese. But only mostly, that’s the best you’re going to get.

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