Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fair Weather Cook?

It seems I'm not living up to the grand mission statement I posted at the beginning of this blog's creation. I said that you'd see mostly savory foods on here, that I don't love to bake, and now, I've decided to show you a cake recipe second. A cake. Not even a slightly savory dessert - one with pistachios or salted caramel perhaps - but a classic, sugary, buttery, cream cheesy, lemony layer cake. But oh, it was delicious.

Even though you might think me a fair weather cook at this point (what with my crossing party lines so early in the game) in my defense, it was my brother's birthday. And birthdays always call for cake, always. Also, since my brother is one of that weird breed who doesn't like chocolate (I think they're all lying just to stay trim, it simply can't be true) I had to veer from my standby decadent birthday cake in search of something much less chocolatey. My mother (I will give credit where credit is due) stumbled on the recipe for this lovely lemon cake - light, springy, and citrus-scented. It was right up the alley of one who (pretend) hates chocolate. Now, I will stop with all of the parentheticals (although they are fun) and deliver the cake that I promised.

Here it is, all pretty and yet to be cut into:

There is no reason to rewrite the recipe, when it is already written out on another lovely blog here.

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Anonymous said...

It was as delicious as it was pretty!! The recipe was found on one of the coolest sites that a foodie friend Before checking out the site make sure you have a 2 hour block of undedicated time!!! It's as addictive as the cake was!