Thursday, July 2, 2009

I made a promise

If there is such a thing as a carb overdose, I’m sure I had it while in France.

I ate from the plentiful boulangeries as if I was preparing for a marathon, and I did it with a sense of determination. So I didn’t have 26.2 miles to run, but I did have a mission. I made a promise, people: to finally try the famous croissants of France. And once I had one, I obviously had to keep searching, just in case it wasn’t the best France had to offer. I wasn’t sure my croissant-tasting experience, nascent as it was, could bring you back a good report if I didn’t do some more research first. So I ate a lot of croissants, naturally.

I had to. It was all for you.

In fact, the first thing my friend and I did when we touched down in Paris was get croissants au chocolat. (I told you, I was determined.) We also did research with croissants buerre and Nutella (thanks to Katherin for the suggestion). The goddess of all croissants, though, was an almond one we found at Le Pain au Naturel the last day we were in Paris. To think, I almost missed it. Just buttery enough and still warm from the oven, it wasn’t overly sweet but still felt decadent. As Elise would say, it was simply divine*.

*I added the “simply” for dramatic effect and to feel a little bit like a sophisticated British woman making a fuss over tea and crumpets, but thanks Elise, for adding this word to my culinary vernacular.

One last note: It has come to my attention that I have made myself seem like I came back with a few extra pounds (seeing as though all I have talked about so far is stuffing my face, I know). I will tell all of you the same thing I said to this reader: I am blessed with a happy, working metabolism that seemed to understand perfectly that I was on vacation, and stepped up accordingly. Plus, I climbed up to a whole lot of chateaus. I believe wholeheartedly in moderation, and croissants for dinner when in Paris.

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