Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A little of this

So I got this new job. Same field. Only now, instead of research about confit, and Black Prince tomatoes, and saddles of rabbit and what have you, the focus has switched.

Now, it’s all about copper stills, and distillation proofs, and bisongrass versus Russian standard, and things the likes of which I’m not even legally allowed to be well-versed in, since my age is somewhat limiting in that particular, alcoholic field.

I’ve been feeling slightly inspired by all of this cocktail business, and so tonight, I started juicing my own citrus and pouring it all into my little-used shaker. It was reminiscent of my childhood concoctions, minus the booze: a little of this, a little of that, a lot of ambivalence and mostly no idea what I was doing.

It wasn’t half bad. I’m sure my new boss would have his own opinions; I’ve probably messed infinitely with the balance of spirit to bitter, sweet to rounder. Either way, here it is:

Equal parts vodka*: cointreau
1 oz. each lemon juice, grapefruit juice
splash simple syrup

and remember,

I have no idea what alcohol tastes like. (Read: I might have an idea.)

*If I’ve learned anything so far, I think I’m supposed to tell you that a vodka like bisongrass mixes very well with fruit juices, so that would be the best choice here.

Also, I have a feeling this drink would be awesome with a heat component – jalepeno infused something? Chili flakes? I’m still learning.

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Louis said...

Ah! So now you are entering the world of the Craft Bartender, wonderful. Your "back of the house" sensibility will serve you well. We at Westford Hill Distillers have been playing with the heat component you mentioned. We custom distill and bottle an Asian Pear for Subarachi Kudomono and they are having us do some R&D on line extentions. Some of our macerations have included a whole hot pepper in the bottle, candied ginger (fresh muddled the flavor) and Lemon grass, the later inspired as an Asian counterpart to Limoncello without the sweet.
Also tell your boss I have not forgotten about our conversation about producing a Gin but have had our hands full with other custom distillations such as Rye based Whiskies, Rhum Agricole and our own organic vodka due to be released in a few weeks. Stop in and visit us.